Pink Blossom

Jessica Reiner-Harris



QUIRKY NEIGHBOR/YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND (32-40) Sharp. Perky. Unabashedly geeky. Inclined to engage in wordplay at any time. (Did you know EVIAN backwards is NAIVE? She definitely does.) Her voice goes up three octaves when in the presence of a baby animal, human or otherwise, and as such she adores teaching mommy-and me music and sign language classes.  She has an annual pass to Disneyland and quotes 90's/early aught sitcoms like they are biblical. Could she BE any more obsessed? Fascinated by tarot and Jungian psychology, she can often be found sitting and reading on the floor of the psychology section of Barnes and Noble for funsies. She's a Ravenclaw understandably mistaken for a Hufflepuff. Beware of constant Broadway sing-alongs. Excellent singer, vocal impersonator and improviser (UCB)


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Jessica Reiner-Harris


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